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ikev2.xmll file Output


Ike info viewer is a great tool for troubleshooting of VPN. we can read ike.elg file easily in ike info viewer tool. But now a days ikev2 is used and file for that is ikev2.xmll. Anyone has idea of how output of ikev2.xmll can be read. I have checked output of ikev2.xmll and it is completely different than ike.elg. How we can check the parameters of phase1 & phase2 in ikev2.xmll file.


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I'm pretty sure I remember using the ikeview tool to read and decode the ikev2.xml file as well, just make sure you have the latest version from here:

sk30994: What is the IKEView utility?


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Hi Tim,

I am able to open ikev2.xmll file in ike info viewer tool but difficult to understand or troubleshoot output. While it was easy with ike.elg file. So is there any document where it is mentioned for ikev2.xmll file output understanding.


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I'm also facing this issue: did you ever get any further with it?

There is a pdf 'HowToReadIKETroubleshootVPN' for ikev1 which is great but I have an issue where ikev2 tunnel encrypted traffic only flows if initiated in a specific direction and from the ikev2.xml I cant see anything flagged as an issue and Im not certain how to decode the output.


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