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White Paper - How to Batch Categorize URLs

How to Batch Categorize URLs




You can look up the category of a website using Check Point’s URL categorization website (

Since the site allows you to query 1 site at a time, it could be a long process if you have a list of sites you want to query.  All commands must be made from the same folder.

1. Create a cookie for your session on the website

This is how you log into the site with curl and store your session cookie to a file… (replace and “password” with your UserCenter credentials):

curl_cli -k -v --cookie-jar ./cookie -X POST -d "customer=&g-recaptcha-response=&needCaptcha=false&"


N.B.: If you have special characters in your password which might be misinterpreted by bash you may have to “escape” them with “\”

            E.g. Pas$word should be entered as Pas\$word

2. Create the list of the websites you want to query

[Expert@yourSMS]# vi sites.txt

Then make a bash script with this content (

[Expert@yourSMS]# vi

while read p; do

   result=$(curl_cli -k -v --cookie ./cookie -X POST -d "action=post&actionType=submitURL&urlCategorization=$p" 2>/dev/null | grep -A4 "Categories:" | tr -d '\n' | grep -oP '(?<=).*?(?=

)' | sed 's/^[ \t]*//')


   echo $p,$result

   sleep 1

done <sites.txt

done <sites.txt

When running the script, it will return all the categories that the site is associated with:


[Expert@yourSMS]# ./,Computers / Internet,Computers / Internet,Computers / Internet,Computers / Internet,Sex


You can also output the script to a file to be able to save and send.

[Expert@yourSMS]# ./ >sites.csv


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