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White Paper - Security Zones




As security technologies grow more complex the administrator has many tools at his or her disposal to regulate and enforce traffic in firewall devices. While security zones are not new tools, an individual may underutilise the objects in daily activities. This paper attempts to explain what a security zone function in a firewall and how it applies to modern security techniques. The key benefits to a security zone is tight control of traffic and routing functions while maintaining simplified control.


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Re: White Paper - Security Zones

Could you help me to confirm whether R77.20.87 version of SMB 1450 Appliances support Security Zones via Centralized Management of SMC ?
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Re: White Paper - Security Zones

As long as you can define zone oninterface within Topology on gateway object, then most likely yes..
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Re: White Paper - Security Zones

We find in the new features list of R80.10:

Security Zones: Group interfaces of gateways into Security Zones for new Source and Destination definitions.

The sk10538 Check Point R77.20.xx for 600 / 700 / 1100 / 1200R / 1400 / 910 Appliance Features and Known Limitations only mentions Security Zones 2 times:

SMB-5608 Policy installation fails on a centrally manged environment with more than 255 interfaces (in total) whose "security zone" is not set to "none" (ex: internal,external, etc.).
  • Workaround: If there are no policy rules that use these security zones, change their configuration to "none" (in the Gateway properties -> Topology tab). 
01132456 Assigning Security Zones to interfaces on a SmartProvisioning profile is not supported.


But in  sk159772 Check Point R80.20 for 1500 Appliances Features and Known Limitations we read:

Blade / Feature Locally
Unified Access
Security Zones Yes Yes  


It still is not explicitly stated, but sk133252 Rules mismatch on appliance cluster when manually configured Security Zones object used tells us at least that Security Zones are supported with 1400, 1100, 1200R units.

But for which purpose are they supported ? I would suspect for topology definition to do address anti-spoofing. Centrally managed SMB units had their topology imported into Dashboard, where it could not be edited.

So i would assume that R80.10 Security Zones are fully supported by Check Point R80.20 for 1500 Appliances at least...

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