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White Paper - Private ThreatCloud & Offline Gateway Updates

There are plenty of harmful malware attacks that take advantage of software vulnerabilities in common applications, such as operating systems and browsers. To counter these threats security solutions need to be updated in time so as to take advantage of the latest defense mechanisms.

Traditionally, threat prevention products such as Anti-Virus or IPS have relied on intelligence packages periodically pushed to the enforcement points. It has also been possible to schedule updates once a day and even deliver them manually. However, today security assets need to be updated constantly, including when they protect highly critical resources not connected to the Internet.

Check Point's ThreatCloud is a large data repository in the cloud that feeds security gateways, endpoint security agents, as well as mobile and cloud security platforms with up-to-the-second security intelligence.

ThreatCloud is able to efficiently distribute big data threat intelligence throughout global enterprises, to all enforcement points on networks, hosts, mobile devices and local clouds. However, due to individual enterprise network segmentation restrictions, the result is that some enforcement points become forbidden or technically unable to access the Internet, creating a challenge for any solution that leverages ThreatCloud data and it’s services.

To address this challenge, we came up with the Private ThreatCloud. 

The Private ThreatCloud provides a solution for customers who’s Security Gateways or other Check Point devices do not connect directly to the Internet. With the Private ThreatCloud, users receive continuous protection as cloud services are extended offline and into other compartmentalized environments.


Author @Anton_Razumov 

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