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Unable to Generate 30 Days Evaluation License


 I am trying to generate a 30 days evaluation license for my lab CPs. When I choose any option such as “ALL-IN-ONE EVALUATION” under select evaluation product, then I am unable to press “Next” button as its greyed out. Am I missing anything? Please assist me to generate an evaluation license. Thanks


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Try another web-browser or ask your Check Point Partner/SE to generate the license for you.


To be able to generate 30 Day Eval Lics depends on your status (you must be defined as a "Partner Contact") with CP. But for testing it is not needed in most cases, as every fresh install automatically creates a Trial License...

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Review the notice at the top of the screenshot:

The message seems a little confusing because we call the thing you log in with as a User Center account but we're telling you to create a User Center account.

In reality, your account needs to be associated with a "customer." 

This can be done one of two ways:

  • An existing customer adds you to their User Center account (useful for consultants and the like)
  • Create a new Customer, which you do by clicking on that Create Your First Account link

Fill in the details:

After you hit submit, you will be associated with a new "customer" and will be able to generate evaluation licenses.

I will add this to the How to Request an Evaluation License doc I created.

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