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R82 - ElasticXL

ElasticXL is a new cluster technology that enables simplified operation with a single management object with automatic configuration and software synchronisation between all cluster members.

ElasticXL is expected to be delivered with R82 or later versions. ElasticXL is based on similar technology to Maestro, but without MHOs. It is based on Check Point's SP versions for a scalable platform that allows you to increase the performance of the security gateways almost linearly.


This is achieved naturally by load balancing between individual gateways that operate in a cluster as a single entity.

This new cluster technology will some of the Maestro featchers such as SMO (Singel Management Object) use.

A ElasticX gateway will work as a pivot member and act simelar as a MHO's in a Maestro environment and simultaneously takes on the role of SMO.

The pivot member takes over the network connection and controls the ARP requests in the network. The pivot member distributes the connections via a distribution matrix to the connected member in the security group similar to a Maestro environment.

Same as the Maestro environments, the familiar SP commands will also be available h

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