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Dynamic Objects (URL)

What is best approach to allow connection to Microsoft Azure/AWS, when destination URL are hosted in cloud and does not have fixed IP. If I don't want traffic to go via proxy, does checkpoint support destination URL's ? I have read about dynamic objects and have also read it causes high CPU but not sure if it is best practice.

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Re: Dynamic Objects (URL)

You've got a couple of options:

  1. Create a custom application with the desired URLs (this will require HTTPS Inspection if the URLs are HTTPS)
  2. Use Domain Objects with FQDN in R80.10 (which will do forward DNS lookups on the names)--works for non http/https as well.
  3. Use Dynamic Objects (impacts SecureXL templates in R77.30 and earlier) and use a script to update based on DNS, such as: chkp / dynobj — Bitbucket (also works for things not http/https as well)

Re: Dynamic Objects (URL)


Is this statement still valid now in R77.30 code.

to use Custom Application in AC/URLF policy.



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Re: Dynamic Objects (URL)

This is relevant for R77.30, yes.

Re: Dynamic Objects (URL)

Hi Kunal,

If you are using R80.10 then you can refer below Doc.