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Management R80.20 instability

Since upgrading the management from R80.10 to R80.20 in one of my customers, we had constant instability. 

This got escalated after applying HFA33, this week I had to open 4-5 cases about different issues.

The logging from secure gateways dropsped every couple minutes, due to incorrect calculation of available disk space, newly added log servers don't appear in "logs & monitor" tab and not pushed to the DB, one Cloud Gaurd gateway lost its license, Smart Console was crashing every 10 min. 

After applying HFA43 today most of the issues resolved, I gave up on the new vsec license pool and came back to the old but working vsec licensing method.

Did anyone experience something like this with R80.20? 

I am now concerned about our other R80.20 deployments.

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Re: Management R80.20 instability

Yes outgoing take 47 solve many issues. 


More see here:

Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for R80.20 (R80_20_jumbo_hf)

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Re: Management R80.20 instability

I decided to go ahead with HFA43 as HFA47 didn't have anything relevant to us.

But definitely not going to deploy HFA33 anymore, it caused me a very stressful week.

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Re: Management R80.20 instability

Hi Alex

Can you share the following information:

1) Is the management an a Security Management Server or Multi-Domain Management?

2) The exact upgrade path - source version - Major and Minor.



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Re: Management R80.20 instability

Hi Tal,

1. It's for SMS.

However, a colleague of mine had something similar on MDM, which didn't recognize CLMs after an import from R77.30, HFA43 fixed this issue for him too.

2. I had R80.20 installed from scratch and imported with a DB from R80.10, running from early January. This week applied HFA33 trying to resolve the logging issue, than the TAC gave me a fix for the license on top of HFA33 which didn't help. Yesterday, I uninstalled the fix and HFA33 and installed HFA43. Since then all seems to be good.



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Re: Management R80.20 instability

When you say "instability" do you mean actual process crashes/restarts on the SMS or just functionality issues in the SmartConsole?  Just for future reference, if there were crashes which specific processes were experiencing difficulty?


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Re: Management R80.20 instability

That was a combination of several things:

* SmartConsole crashing very often

* 1 vSEC gateway lost it's license

* Firewalls stop logging to their log servers, running the "" suggested that the indexer, smart view, RFL and SOLR processes are constantly crashing - this described on sk146152

* Many log files went missing/corrupted

* At some point I had to failover to secondary SMS because my session got stuck in "internal error", I couldn't publish or discard anything and other users which tried to discard my session got their SmartConsole crashing



Re: Management R80.20 instability

Hi ,

Just to add to the above ...

We have upgraded some clients to R80.20 management JHF take 47.

We have also upgraded the gateways to R80.20 jhf 47 (and some jhf 73 to get some IA issues fixed)

We are experiencing logging issues from some of the R80.20 Gateways to the Management ..i.e this stops working and logs are simply lost (not logging locally there is a connection between the mngmt and the gateways on port 257 but logging doesnt occur) . A cpstop;cpstart seems to resolve this but it can happen intermittently.

We have tickets with TAC.







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Re: Management R80.20 instability

I have the vSEC license disappearing too,and SMS is R80.10.
There is a thread talking about this.

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Re: Management R80.20 instability

Hi Alex,
Can you please assist with this details:

1. Was the licensing problem occurring using `vsec_lic` tool or with `cloudguard_config` tool for NSX?

2. Were the vSEC gw with the disappearing license deployed with NSX integration?
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Re: Management R80.20 instability

Hi George,

1. vsec_license_cli was used 

2. Yes, we have NSX integration 


For now, I came back to the vsec_central_license and will revisit this later this year after the customer will renew the contract as they are intending to do some cloudgaurd core changes.



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Re: Management R80.20 instability

Thanks Alex,

I just wanted to clarify that for Gateways that were deployed using the `cloudguard_config' tool for NSX you need to attach license from the `cloudguard_config'  menu itself and not 'vsec_lic_cli' or 'vsec_central_license' tools .

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