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Signature Servers for non-persistent VDI

On-premises EPS, R81.10 T81.

Client E86.80.

I've followed the administration guide to deploy a Shared Signature Server for non-persistent VDI and followed the Policy approach.

At the time of reaching the Setup Validation, I wait 20 minutes as mentioned but nothing ever happens. Even after one hour, trying another folder and so on. The guide just mentions that if the folder is empty, the setup isn't valid without providing any further troubleshooting steps. The EPS and the signatures server have full L3 connectivity between them without further firewalling or filtering, the server can in any case get the policy and updates from the server without any issues.

All parameters have been double-checked. There doesn't seem to be an SK for this feature and I have a TAC case ongoing which isn't conclusive yet. There's nothing in the logs of the EPS either (console and /var/log/) and the local firewall on the signatures server isn't active.

I wonder if anyone here has already successfully deployed such a setup and could share any interesting trips & tricks to make it work.

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