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Checkpoint Harmony file check

Hi, I need a little advice about trying to get Harmony Compliance file check to work.  

We have created a compliance rule within our portal to check for a file that is located within the machine.  So for me i have asked the system to check file, file exists in C:\windows\System32 and i have created a file called harmony.txt  so my file path is C:\windows\system32 file name is harmony.txt and i have tried with "use environment variables of logged in user"  and without and still my machine tells me that i am in violation of compliance and cannot get this to check if the file is there even though it is located in this location.  


If i do a reg check this works perfectly without any violations at all but cannot get a file check to work. 


I am using a standard Windows 10 machine. 


Can someone please point me in the right direction to get a file check to work for compliance for the harmony portal. 



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Might be worth TAC case to confirm about this.

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try to check the file by using C:\windows\sysnative folder. Compliance blade is is running as 32-Bit process and on 64-Bit Windows c:\windows\system32 is hidden for 32-Bit processes but accessible via C:\windows\sysnative

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