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Daniel_Taney inside Capsule Docs 2019-08-23
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Capsule Docs & Check Point Courseware

I raised this issue in an older thread where a similar discussion was started but have kind of hit a wall, so I figured it may deserve its own thread. We bought electronic copies of the CCSA/CCSE courseware and I am stuck trying to get the Capsule Docs Viewer that was designated for use with these eBooks to integrate into Adobe Reader DC (CPDS-Viewer bundle).I followed the installation instructions to the letter on two different Windows 10 machines with the same result. No matter what, I cannot get the documents to open in Adobe Reader. All I get is the single page indicating the document is protected:I am able to view the documents in the traditional Capsule Docs reader, but I have the well documented problem of being unable to print the document in its entirety. So, I know my permissions to access the document are correct and functional. I just can't get this "add-on" to work in Adobe Reader.Has anyone else run into this?Thanks!-Dan
inside Capsule Docs 2019-05-06
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White Paper - Using Check Point’s Capsule Docs with Data Loss Prevention to achieve IRM

Author: @Jason_Pena  Editing:  @Valeri_Loukine    Abstract In today’s digital world, protecting your company’s assets is paramount. Hackers are always on the hunt for ways to exfiltrate your data and cause havoc on your network. Whether it is for monetary, political, or personal reasons, there is always a threat to your data. A systematic approach to protecting company data that is used by security- minded people is called Information Rights Management (IRM). With IRM companies practice imposing technological restrictions that governs what users can do with digital media. When a solution designed to prevent you from copying, printing, or even sharing a document you are being restricted using IRM. Finding the right security solution to protect your assets can seem challenging but with Check Point Software, leveraging data loss prevention (DLP) and document encryption (Capsule Docs) your company has the best of both worlds. Therefore, if a document becomes exposed you can rest assured that it will provide zero visibility into what a malicious hacker really wants to see.   For the full list of White Papers, go here. 
Dmitry_Nesterki inside Capsule Docs 2019-04-27
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Capsule Docs on Android - can't open study books

Hello.We are unable to open CheckPoint study books in Capsule Docs on Android.We install the app, enter passcode, enter account credentials, tap on "trust the server" message (see attachment) and then get back to passcode. After that we are in a loop - re-entering passcodes, accounts, "trust" again...We used different phones and tablets, different accounts of engineers who attended official courses - but no avail.Does anyone has the same issue?
dhagemeier inside Capsule Docs 2019-03-25
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Capsule Docs & Check Point Courseware

I am using Capsule Docs, when attempting to save a document in Word (O365) the application will close abruptly, when i disable Capsule Docs, Word works correctly.  Any thoughts?
Christine_Chung inside Capsule Docs 2019-02-13
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Capsule Docs Causing Microsoft Excel to Lag

Hello.I have installed checkpoint clients on Windows machines running Microsoft office and when I install the capsule docs blade, Microsoft Excel lags. Is there a way to sort out this problem?
John_Binnington inside Capsule Docs 2019-01-31
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Capsule Docs App issues ISWMGR

So I was using Capsule Docs App (not viewer as the performance was shockingly bad).  However, although I could now read my protected content without issue in Adobe, whenever I opened a MS Office application my Cylance protection kicked in for ISWMGR.exe (potential exploit) and rendered my whole office suite unusable.The only option was to uninstall Capsule Docs.Has anyone else experienced the same or similar issue?Windows 10 64bit OS
Alexandr_Voevod inside Capsule Docs 2018-12-17
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Work in authenticated mode (not work)

When the mode is enabled, clients lose contact with the server R77.30.
Frank_Yuan inside Capsule Docs 2018-11-12
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Unable to install Capsule Docs on windows 10

I am trying to install Capsule Docs on my machine but it keeps failing at the download stage with this error: The installer failed to download all the required files. please check your internet connection and try the installation again.I have checked everything, including firewall, anti-virus, etc. uninstalled Capsule viewer etc that could conflict to it. Also tried on a different internet link, no luck. Anyone had the same issue before or knows how to troubleshoot? thanks!  
Cindy_Schmidt inside Capsule Docs 2018-10-14
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What file types are supported by Capsule Docs? May-2018

Did you ever wonder What file types are supported by Capsule Docs? As of today (May-2018), Check Point Capsule Docs support the following file types:1. Office file types.2. Adobe file types (not pro).3. Autodesk AutoCAD file types: ile TypesTarget Application*.DGNAutodesk AutoCAD*.DSTAutodesk AutoCAD*.DWFAutodesk AutoCAD*.DWFXAutodesk AutoCAD*.DWGAutodesk AutoCAD*.DWSAutodesk AutoCAD*.DWTAutodesk AutoCAD*.DXFAutodesk AutoCAD*.FBXAutodesk AutoCADAny new supported file will appear in SK109035.Cindy
Andre_K inside Capsule Docs 2018-09-28
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MacBook Pro in boot loop after upgrading to macOS Mojave due to Capsule Docs

Hi all, after upgrading my MacBook Pro to the latest macOS Majave the laptop ended in a boot loop. I ended up booting in safe mode en noticed in the crash report that it was referring to Capsule Docs. I ended up uninstalling Capsule Docs via cli which resolved the issue eventually. Not sure what version was installed, needed it once for opening Check Point course materials.
inside Capsule Docs 2018-09-24
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Can you even open files with Capsule Doc Viewer on Mac?

Well, this is not a happy post. I was struggling for half a day today, trying to figure why I cannot open a protected PDF today on Mac with  Capsule Doc Viewer. And the only answer I have is: It does not work at all!Some details and screenshots are by the link
Fabio_Curcio inside Capsule Docs 2018-09-07
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Does Capsule docs is supported in terminal server environment?

Capsule docs is supported in terminal environment and vmware horizon or citrix xendesktop?
Daniel_Collins inside Capsule Docs 2018-08-29
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Use of Reverse Proxy for Capsule Docs

Does a reverse proxy have to be used for Capsule Docs? Can I just use a NAT on the firewall limited down to TCP/443?All documentation refers to using a reverse proxy, but I can't see any reason why we can't just use a NAT (other than security reasons)
Chiko_Phiri inside Capsule Docs 2018-07-05
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Capsule Docs Protection Failure

Hello, I deployed capsule docs by installing the checkpoint endpoint client with the capsule docs blade enabled. I followed instructions in SmarEndpoint Admin Guide but when I try to protect a document I get the following error: "Protection Failure. You are trying to protect the file: document.docx The file cannot be protected as there are currently no available protections. Please contact your system administrator." How can I resolve this? Do you know of any good resources to learn how to set up capsule docs? The documentation seems a bit minimal.    
Tung_Nguyen_Son inside Capsule Docs 2018-06-13
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Capsule Docs Com Add-ins issue

Dear all, I have issue with capsule docs com add-in which download from and use with Microsoft Office 2016 on Microsoft WIndows build 1803. The Com add-in cannot load on startup when start Microsoft office. I try to load manually, capsule docs status is initializing and Microsoft office hang. Have you see this issue?