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Greg Harewood
I've only just realized I don't know the answer to this after many years with the product.   Without SDF, the following happens:   Connection 5-tuple -> hash function -> last 8(?) bits determine bucket -> connection processed by fw with bucket   WITH SDF, what changes?  We know in particular that... Acceleration is neutralized It copes better… (Show more)
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Sharma Prashant
Does Checkpoint support only Tunnel mode VPN only or we can use Transport mode as well for IPSEC...?   can we switch between them?   Any documentation can we  get it on this to get the clarity with example...?
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Nelson Thoms
Hello, I am in the process of auditing the objects on an R77.30 mgmt. server and while I've found dbedit to be the best way to export the full object list, I am unable to determine if objects are used or not.  I realise in Dashboard we can filter on unused objects however since we have hundreds of results, and I cannot just delete stuff without… (Show more)
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Moti Sagey
  Share your Cyber Security insights on-stage at CPX 360 !  We’re looking for speakers who will teach, share and inspire Check Point customers and partners to use the strategies, tools, and techniques needed to prevent cyber threats! How are you leveraging the power of Check Point Architecture to protect your organization? What are some of the… (Show more)
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Gomboragchaa Jamganjav
How can i do VPN optik link with internet IPSec VPN. May i use MEP? Which ip address become main IP of Cluster Checkpoints
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Jacques Speliers
Scenario:       1 local Checkpoint R80.10 gateway cluster (site L1) need to establish a primary site to site tunnel to remote Fortinet gateway (site R1) having HostA and HostB. A secondary remote site (R2) exists housing HostC sync'ed from R1 HostA. There is "link" between R1 and R2 managed by the Vendor. L1 gateway needs to have backup/secondary… (Show more)
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Tim Hall
The second edition of my book "Max Power: Check Point Firewall Performance Optimization" has been released.  Fully updated for R80.10, this edition includes several new chapters along with a new foreword by Dameon Welch Abernathy (PhoneBoy).  A free preview of the book's Table of Contents has been posted at, along with links… (Show more)
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Vladimir Yakovlev
Hi, I am working with the client who insists on hiding their CP cluster behind ASAs. External interface will be in RFC 1918 range. I've used this setup before in the lab environments, but would like to hear from you if there are any gotchas and particulars that I should be aware of. ASAs will supply Static Nat from one of the public IPs to the… (Show more)
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Aaron Vivadelli
I've heard of mixed results on probe bypass for HTTPS Inspection and I wanted to get feedback.  To me, it seems like this is a better way of deploying HTTPS Inspection to minimize problems with bypassing traffic from inspection, but it is not something that's enabled by default which makes it seem like it should only be used if necessary.   Does… (Show more)
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Travais Sookoo
I would like to determine if the licenses which a client of ours has is sufficient in terms of CPU utilization and the number of cores they can use to manage their environment is sufficient?  Thought the tool would be helpful in providing some statistics for same as well as assessing the cpustat for multi cpu systems and top commands.
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