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Gaurav Pandya
Hi,   There is new vulnerability CVE-2018-2628 for Oracle Web Logic Server WLC. In checkpoint still it is not showing with latest IPS update but we can consider CVE-2017-10271 as it has same characteristics and below are the vulnerable version.   Oracle WebLogic Server10. version Oracle WebLogic Server12. version Oracle… (Show more)
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Alex Rozhko
I found only few blogs about this "solution"?  Anyone from CheckMates members use it? Can you share your experience?
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Zdenek Rottenberg
I performed testing of Identity Awareness in my lab (RADIUS Accounting mode only) and found some problems I am not able to explain. I would really appreciate any comments to the following:   - userAccountControl LDAP attribute is ignored by IA. If a user is locked out, it is allowed to access a network. Is this correct behaviour or I… (Show more)
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Tom Cripps
So, Checkpoints new things with R80.10 was concurrent Administrators working on the same policy at once, so why is it when you need to go into HTTPS Inspection or DLP or QoS or anything in the old SmartDashboard your user account doesn't pass over and you log in in "Admin"    Is there any plans to bring these Blades into SmartConsole anytime soon… (Show more)
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Networker Networker
Hello we installed identity collector.and then i controlled to the users source.and i saw that firewall took users information both AD query and identity collector. Should ad query be closed?     Thanks
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Serhii Yaholnytskyi
In Smartdashboard I have created an object with IP address which does not exist in my network. After that I have created a rule for it, where traffic from any source over any service to this object is accepted. After that i have installed policy. Then I have tried to ping from Windows desktop, for which my Checkpoint is… (Show more)
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Danny Jung
  I always thought of having a simple Bash script that would allow me to run common Check Point CLI tasks without having to crawl for command cheat sheets, bookmarks, google, manuals, knowledge base etc. Moti Sagey's  Top 3 Check Point CLI commands thread inspired me to start this project, allowing everyone to suggest new enhancements,…
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Vedran B
I’m in doubt about applying VSX cluster and Virtual Systems (VSs) in case of internet access over two ISP providers. I have two internet links from two different ISP providers and two Public DMZs subnets from every provider. The picture below shows connections between equipment and two providers.   I have a plan to change two firewalls (FW01 and… (Show more)
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Olga Kuts
Are there any nuances for configuring Static NAT on a cluster? We configure the Automatic Static NAT on the single gateway - everything works fine (we natted internal source address X to external source address Y). After that we change address Y to address Z - everything works, NAT works correctly (NAT: address X to address Z). When we configured… (Show more)
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Martin Raska
Hello, this question is mainly for Tim, but input from others is also appreciated.   Question: Do I need for tcpdump to disable SecureXL (fwaccel off) in order to see all packets?   From Book Max Power R80 - chapter Millisecond in the Life of a Frame - stage 6 - My understanding is that its not needed. Am I right?   Thanks
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