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Tim Ireland
Hi All,   I have deployed R80.10 HA Gateways on VMWare (Private Cloud). Each have 5 vCPUs assigned and are using ClusterXL.   Everything works perfectly with CoreXL disabled, however when I enable CoreXL for 5vCPU's, policy installation starts to fail with a TCP connectivity failure (port = 18191) error no.10. Disabling CoreXL fixes the policy… (Show more)
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Matt Hubach
Hello, we would like to move some features we are running today from a Cisco router to the Checkpoint firewall. I have several questions about this. Currently we are redistributing our Checkpoint default route into our OSPF domain which works fine. However, we are preparing to implement a second Internet ISP connection and want to redistribute the… (Show more)
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Danny Jung
  I always thought of having a simple Bash script that would allow me to run common Check Point CLI tasks without having to crawl for command cheat sheets, bookmarks, google, manuals, knowledge base etc. Moti Sagey's  Top 3 Check Point CLI commands thread inspired me to start this project, allowing everyone to edit, modify and extend the…
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Vijay Nagaraj
Hi Team,   I need some clarification on fwaccel stats -s command. There are different values on different fields. Need explanation for the same.    Accelerated conns/Total conns : 98% Accelerated pkts/Total pkts : 92 % F2Fed pkts/Total pkts : 7 % PXL pkts/Total pkts : 4% QXL pkts/Total pkts : 0 The values are example values.   In case if i… (Show more)
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Moti Sagey
Just had a fun geeky conversation with Dameon Welch Abernathy (AKA Phoneboy) Jony Fischbein , Jeff Schwartz and Michael Poublon (over 100 accumulated years of experience in Check Point products) , on what are our favorite & most useful commands in a Check Point environment. Below are my 3 , plz add yours in the comments (we will do a poll for the… (Show more)
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Started loving R80.10, but still need to explore more. Have a question :Whether R80.10 supports Hide behind many ip address (like range or pool of address), or still we need to divide the sources if the scaling crosses 50k ports.
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Danilo Lara
Hi, Does anyone know if is it possible to allow youtube videos by categories, for example allow only videos from education categorie. As youtube categorize their videos, there are some solutions, like Mcafee web gateway, that has the ability to allow specific video categories and block the all the rest.   Regards,
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Alvaro Perez Unzueta
How many file types support anti-virus software blade?   Regards, Alvaro
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Cesar Caballero
I've tried enabling the blade on my Security Gateway and the following window appears when installing the policy:
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