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Can't add license or update

Question asked by Maxim Weinstein on Aug 11, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2017 by Maxim Weinstein

I have a standalone 2200 appliance running Gaia R77.30. Since getting it installed, I haven't been able to apply a license or check for updates.


On the update side: I go to "Status and Actions" in CPUSE and get the following:

Error: Could not connect to the Check Point Cloud. Check your connection settings (Default Gateway, DNS and Proxy).
[Fri Aug 11 14:58:01 2017]: Didn't find any new packages
[Fri Aug 11 14:57:58 2017]: Checking for new available packages...
[Fri Aug 11 14:57:57 2017]: Received a request to update the available packages. Performing update.

Default gateway appears correct in "IPv4 static routes." DNS primary and secondary servers are set to Google DNS servers. Proxy is disabled, as there's no proxy server in use.


On the license side, I see what appear to be default perpetual licenses for basic functionality. The status reads as License OK. But nothing, not even firewall, is enabled on the main dashboard. I have a license in the UserCenter, and I have attempted to click Add and copy/paste the relevant parts of the .lic file. It parses it correctly (populates the fields appropriately), but then it tells me it's an invalid license file with no further information.


Any help is appreciated!