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Connections dropped during Connectivity Upgrade

Question asked by Stuart Street on Jul 13, 2017
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I am upgrading our firewalls from R77.30 to R80.10. We have 17 ClusterXL clusters in high availability mode. Each cluster has two members running the GAIA OS on VMWare. I’m attempting to use the connectivity upgrade method to minimise disruption.  To create enough space to copy  the installation file “Check_Point_R80.10_T421_Fresh_Install_and_Upgrade_from_R7X.tgz” onto the firewall and import it I have had to:

  • expand the hard drive size (in VMWare vSphere)
  • expand the /dev/sda3 partition,
  • resize the physical volume,
  • then use lvm_manager to expand the lv_log volume

During these steps you need to reboot the firewall a number of times. This is fine when upgrading the standby cluster member. Then after that I use the cphacu commands to failover to the newly upgraded cluster member. So far so good and no disruption to the network. Then when I expand the hard drive size etc on the former active member and reboot it, it becomes the active member again. This is a hard failover and any open connections are dropped. You need to reboot 3 times and each time we failover over to the upgraded member and back causing disruption on the network.


Running cphaprob stat on the upgraded member shows that it is in the ready state because “another member was detected with a lower fw version.” Running cphaprob stat on the non-upgraded member only shows the local firewall and it is in the active state.


How can I perform the upgrades without dropping any connections? I.e. once we have failed over to the upgraded member, I want it to stay the active member until the other firewall is upgraded, surviving reboots of the other firewall.