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How Can I Block the İnternet Download Manager (IDM) Application ? 

Question asked by Ozgur Yilmaz on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by Network M

Hİ guys , 

I have R80.20 Managment and Gateway . Enable Http Inspection .

I want block internet download manager (idm) application . But Checkpoint didn't block . This application can download many file types.


When you watch a video, you can download it with IDM . The file  downloaded which is format mp4. While this file downloaded by IDM ,the url path is not ended with mp4 or other file formats. 


For example (,dur,ei,expire,id,ip,ipbits,itag,keepalive,lmt,mime,mm,mn,ms,mv,otf,otfp,pl,requiressl,source&keepalive=yes&ip= )





I couldnt see this IDM app on Checkpoint application Category List. How can ı block this application.


I can try \.mp4 or *\.mp4 or *.mp4 (REGX) application site . and ı  can search IDM app but ı dont see. 


I can try with Content Blade but I want just only IDM . I dont want block Media Category with Content blade .


You can download from the link below.


Download Internet Download Manager: high speed download accelerator