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Regarding TAC Academy

Hi All,

I completed my CCSE r77 in the year 2018 and it was expired in 2020. Am i eligible for TAC Academy free training? I did not attend the free training earlier because i live in India. I heard that TAC academy is now training us online due to Pandemic. So if i am eligible could you please help me on how to register for it please?


Sanjay S

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Hi @Sanjay_S,

Check Point offers a wide range of professional certification training courses. These training courses are available from our global network of Authorized Training Centers (ATC). The ATC partners provide professional instructors, facilities, and training resources customers.​

More here:

I can recommend a training with @Timothy_Hall:

You have to find out if he offers it online.

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Actually Check Point Secure Academy consists of Check Point training courses run at the university level, and is similar to Cisco Academy.  Check Point ATCs such as Shadow Peak are not part of this arrangement and do not teach Secure Academy courses.  You can read more about Secure Academy here:


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