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CCSM courseware (Books only)

I'm wondering if there is any way to get my hands on only the books (theory and lab) for the new CCSM R80 course. The ATCs I have contacted so far tell me to purchase the entire course.

I don't see a need to attend an entire course considering I already have my R77.30 CCSM. Yet I was unable to pass the exam due to some of the minutia which has changed between versions.

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While the course delivered thru an ATC partner is our recommended path, you may consult with a Value Added Reseller (VAR) or distributor in your area to purchase the e-kit.

To locate a partner in your area, please use our online Partner Locator tool:




Hi Peter, 

quite natural response from the ATCs as they exist to earn money from teaching, not reselling the courseware (not even sure if they are allowed to). 

I've had this question as well, as wanted to get hold of CCSA/E materials to teach folks at work informally. Unfortunately 

the price for the course e-kit (no printed books anymore) for the VAR was also not very affordable, around 600+$ at the time of checking (right now can't find this page on CP site). Actually I'd be glad to just have detailed table of contents, the rest would not be a problem to prepare. But in the end I got none of it. Be aware that these e-kits are official certification courses labs manuals, i.e. any CCSA/E/M course at ATC is mainly labs and explaining is left to the teacher, targeted at teaching students to work with the firewall practically, and as you know exam at Pearson is not practical but question/answer based, so I am not sure 100% having these e-kits would be all you need for the exam.
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Just to give some perspective. The e-books (courseware) do not only include labs but include a fair amount of theory.

The lab experience (which includes stuff not covered in the theory (by design I think)) is part of the learning experience and also real-world and exam preparation.

To use the CCSA (R80.10 v4) as an example (but the others are similar); The labs take at least 5.5 hours, of the three days of training, to complete (some people obviously take more time to learn practically and other speed through).

The lab topology is very real-world like (more so now than ever before) and includes around a dozen VMs. All include a cluster and theory and labs on those.

Note: ATCs build the labs from instructions provided to them by Check Point Education Services.

The US$600 price for a course book (courseware) is what it has always been and they can be found in the product catalogue.

The e-book is a PDF document and includes theory and labs all in the same book.

The PDF is locked to the student who the course was purchased for (work email address is used by the student to register (and verify) to the Capsule Docs cloud). Capsule Docs and Capsule Docs Viewer authenticate the student to the Capsule Docs cloud server/s and then allow the PDF to be viewed.

R80.10 CCSM v2 (new revision just out this week) has a few new topics and starts with a deep dive into the postgresql database, including a lab with CLI around that.

If you have time and budget to attend the course then you will get the full lab experience without building anything yourself (or perhaps you would build a lab but only partially and then experiencing only part of the labs). You will also get the e-book (obviously) but on top of that you get the instructor to listen to and talk to and gain knowledge from as well as the possibility of learning from other students on the course.

I know this isn't answering your question but hope it helps somewhat.



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