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CCSM Elite

Hi Mates

I am CCSM Certified, my CCSM certificate is linked to my company email address. I have managed to get some credit to take two Infinity Specialization with my another UC account. Will I be eligible to get CCSM Elite if I move the Infinity Specialization two my UC account where I have my CCSM certificate?

Looking forward to your answer.

Thanks in advance

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You’ll need to work with Account Services to consolidate everything into one account.
Should be possible.


It is possible, as Dameon said you will have to open ticket with Account Services (Non-technical Issue). Just be prepared to do it twice 🙂 - once to consolidate all your passed exams into one account, second to nudge Checkpoint that you have all conditions satisfied to actually receive CCSM Elite, as it will most probably  not happen automatically.