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CCSE R80 - Renewal


Hi mates,


my R80 ccse is about to expire in the next 2 months, i am actually considering renewal options. As there

seems to be not possible to retake the same ccse exame code, then i guess the rigth way would be to go

for the ccsm. I was also checking the ccmse but seems like its only available on r77, am i rigth ?


What about the materials ? Found some posts regarding the possiblity of adquiring the course ware without

attending the course, its over 600$ so im not sure if its worth, any sugestions/recomendations ?




Javier Sanchez

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@Jason_Tugwell could you please advise?

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I have the same problem. In less than two months I have to renew my CCSE.

My last certification I passed was: "156-915.80: Check Point Certified Security Expert Update - R80". This is still the newest version of the exam available but when I try to register this exam again to renew my certification I get:

"Check Point Software Technologies policy does not allow a previously passed exam to be taken again. This candidate has already passed this exam."

How does Check Point imagine we should renew our certifications given such a condition?

One option would be to do CCSM but I am afraid I currently do not have time to prepare for it. How to renew my CCSE?


Also as I was checking the current version of the certification I noticed that the current version of the training is R80.20 but the pricelist still contains the older courseware like CPTS-DOC-CCSE-R80.10-EKIT. Which version are the CCSA/CCSE/CCSE Update exams based on? Do I need to know the content of the new R80.20 training?


Javier and Vaclav,

While my first suggestion would be to tackle the R80 CCSM exam to move along in the certification path, I understand that this is not an interest for all.

For that reason we are going to allow the R80 CCSE to renew the CCSE by taking the R80 CCSE update exam (156-915.80).  Upon successful passing of the exam, the candidate will have a 2-year certification from the exam date.  

If someone had previously passed the 156-915.80 exam, I have asked Pearson Vue to remove the retake policy from this exam.  It will take some time for this to be automatic, so anyone that is not being allowed to retake may  request an override if they  Email Me

I will need the following from the candidate:

  • Name:
  • CP ID: CP00000XXXXX
  • Date to schedule the exam:
  • Whether exam will be taken in a Test Center or using the Online proctor method: 

This will help those looking to stay at the CCSE level to do that. 😁

The R80 CCSE Update exam is based on the course for the R80 CCSE with some pre-R80 questions thrown in for good measure (about 10%).  So the R80 CCSE course is the best way to prepare for this exam, but a candidate could self-study using just the course ware, although not recommended.  The course and exam were based off R80.10 and no significant changes were made to the course or exam at R80.20.