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CCSA/CCSE Exam Tips & Content - R80.X vs. R81.X

With the release of the new CCSA/CCSE R81.10 exams on Monday, as someone who has taught both the old and new classes I thought it would be helpful to provide some general tips and a comparison of the CCSA/CCSE R80.X content vs. the updated CCSA/CCSE R81.10 content.  The goal here is to highlight content differences, so that those who have attended a CCSA/CCSE R80.x class or not worked with R81+ at all yet can assess their preparation options for challenging the R81.10 exams.

Disclaimer: I have not taken any of the R81.10 exams yet so anything you read here should be considered rank speculation, possibly deluded, or even flat-out wrong.  By the same token since I haven't even seen the new exams I can't be violating any confidentiality agreements with the following speculation.   😀

First off, some general CCSA/CCSE Check Point exam tips regardless of version (I shared these during a CCTE exam prep session I hosted for CPX 360 2022):

1) You have 90 minutes to complete 100 multiple choice questions with one correct answer for each.  There used to be fill-in-the-blank questions but those seem to have gone away recently.

2) Pass is a 70%.

3) You are allowed to b

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