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Best path from CCSA R77 to CCSE R80?

I took the CCSA R77 in december last year and now I wanted to take the CCSE R80 course followed by the exam. Unfortunately that turned out to be a no-go. Sadly there is no CCSA update test for R80.

My options seem to be to take the:

CCSA R80 --> CCSE R80 (Two courses + 2 exams)


CCSE R77 --> CCSE R80 update (1 course + 2 exams, right?)

I selfstudied the CCSA R77, but after taking the test and passing with 1% margin I felt there was a bit of luck involved.  That said, I belive I'd need to take a CCSA R80 course to be sure to pass. But, then my employer would probably not want to cash up for the CCSE R80 course immediately after. That leaves me with taking the CCSE R77 course and test + update test. I couldn't find proper info on the CCSE update test so I don't have a clue what's in store on this path. I was hoping to reach CCSE R80 before CPX :E

Which path would the community recommend?

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