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vsenv 00

I think have encountered a cosmetic bug in R80.40 VSX, wanted to confirm if it has been fixed before I log it with TAC.

To reproduce:

  1. Enter VS0 (must be done from vs0)
    1. vsenv
  2. Enter an invalid, all zero VS ID (more than one zero)
    1. vsenv 00
    2. Result is vsenv: operation failed, specified Virtual System ID does not exist.
  3. Try doing anything you would on a VSX gateway (fw, cphaprob, cpview, vsx, vsenv, cpconfig etc)
    1. Results are varying forms of errors
  4. Source CPprofile
    1. . /opt/CPshrd-R80.40/tmp/
  5. Back to normal

I've been able to reproduce this in up to HFA 156 and about to deploy take 192, can anyone confirm it affects R81?

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I recall seeing post about this for R80.40, but not R81+, so I assume its fixed, but will let someone else confirm.

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