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can checkpoint possible block file transfer over RDP? (disable clipboard)

Hi all,

rdp can transfer file from server RDP to local laptop/pc. can checkpoint block only transfer file between server RDP with local laptop/pc.

i means normally rdp is we do rdp to server/pc and copy some file and paste to local pc/laptop is success, but i want block feature copy/paste on rdp.


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I am not 100% sure if CP can block this, I think not. But I would still rather fix this in the RDP setup with a GPO or policy or something like that. That will also give you a bit more flexebility if, say, you want some of the sessions to be able to do this.

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I don't have the possibility to test this for now but could Content Awareness help?

If you make a policy with RDP as service and create a data type with any file type in either direction. You'd have to have RDP inspection enabled in case you do encryption though.


EDIT: Tried it but RDP is not in the list of supported protocols for Content Awareness, so it won't work.


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Using Native RDP? No.
It is something we can definitely block when accessed through Harmony Connect (specifically the clientless access piece).
Believe you can also block it by accessing through Mobile Access Blade (using Guacamole).

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