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Video Conferencing Issues

Hi all,

We have an issue where when we place a call to a Polycom VC behind a CheckPoint firewall, we are able to establish the call however we are not able to hear the other party talking and seeing him on video. He is able to see us and hear us. On the firewall there are no drops. Also checked sk92803 followed by sk62082 where we have configured the relevant table.def for the Protocol and IP Options. We tried with both SecureXL turned off and on. The devices are Checkpoint 3200. Have any one encountered an issue similar with a Video Conferencing setup?

Thanks in advance 🙂

Senior Information Security Engineer
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sk92803 is for R77.30 - which is your current version ? The VC is using H.323 Did you involve TAC already ?

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Have a look at this article:

VoIP Issue and SMB Appliance (600/1000/1200/1400)

Maybe this will also help with H323.

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