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ID Credentials not being forwarded!!



I’m looking to see if any of you guys came across this issue before. 

I have users that access a firewall to authenticate so they can access their servers, when he tries to access server in another location the traffic is getting dropped by the drop rule. This is because the first firewall is not forwarding his authentication details to the firewall in the secondary location even though the firewalls are configured to share these details.

When the user authenticates again to the firewall in the secondary location he is then able to access the server in the secondary location. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Thanks for your help in advance!!


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Hello George,

Could you please provide us with a diagram of your topology along with some information on how those gateways have been configured to synchronise information along with their respective versions?


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Could you also confirm the Authentication Method been used.

ie Captive Portal for Identity Awareness, Good Old User Authentication etc.

Is this Identity Sharing that is being used to Share/Sync the User Information as that will share Identities from Identity Awareness, not neccessarily where Authenticating.

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