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VSX Brdige Mode


Hi Guys,

I am deploying a VS in bridge mode between two switches and I need to form the OSPF between the switches but I am having issues.

In the VS side, I setup the following interfaces to form the bridge using smart console.


- eth1.200 (trunk)

- eth2.200 (trunk)


- eth1.300 (trunk)

- eth2.300 (trunk)

In the switch side, I configure an SVI per VLAN. Then I configure the physical port uplinks as trunk ports. This way, the OSPF is not forming and I do not see any traffic passing in the firewall.

However, when I configure the physical  uplink ports of the switch to an access port for example access to vlan 200, the OSPF is forming and I can see traffic now in the firewall.

I would like to know what did I missed? The switchport should be working when I set it to trunk because my firewall interfaces are also in trunk mode as well.

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