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Using cpinfo and cphaprob in a script

Hi all,

I am running a script on my R81 gateways.
I want the output from "cpinfo -y all" and "cphaprob stat" to be directed into a textfile.

When I login to the gateways as expert and run the script, everything looks good.
When I login to Web GUI and configures the Job Scheduler to run the script, it doesn't look good.  ‌‌

"cpinfo -y all" says:
Warning: failed getting the list of all products installed on the machine.

"cphaprob stat" says:
This is Check Point CPinfo Build 914000215 for GAIA
No Checkpoint product on this machine
Upload mode only

What should I do, to make the CP commands see, that the machine is a R81 gateway? 

Kind regards 

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