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Upgrading to R80.4 fails at the importing database level after the upgrade is done.

I have tried to upgrade my appliance from R77.3 to R80.4 but the process fails at 39% when importing the database, and I cannot log in with new smart console of R80.4 , whenever I log in from the new portal of R80.4, I get the message that  "the upgrade is still running . login to the status and action page to see the progress".

I was told that the database is corrupted and I need to reset the appliance to the default to fix the database, then re-upgrade it again.

can some one tell me if there is a short way to fix this, either to fix the corrupted database or how to reset and then re-upgrade the appliance again.

Im trying to avoid resetting and reconfiguring all the settings I had done before.


Thank you in advance for the assistance.

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