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URL Filtering - look only at host not URI



While doing some logs inspection we found that one of our Custom Application (whitelisting) is in the top trafic.


After checking the logs we found that some Web Advertisement are matching this rule to a wrong categorization


URL Whitelist contains:



The logs reported in our report contains this ressource:


From my understanding this shoul not trigger a hit ??

I decided to follow this SK174194


The URL partially matches the URL defined in the custom application/Site field

The custom URL is defined as and matches URL


When scanning for the URL, the URL must be closed off with a forward slash: "/", otherwise will match


Close the URL string with "/" at the end, for the correct match. 
Example of the correct definition: ""


From my understanding this shoul not trigger a hit ??

After implementing the SK a hit to the following URL is still matching


What is the correct implementation to only filter:

http(s):// or http(s):// if possible without Regex as HTTPS inspection is not enabled for all profiles


Thank you

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Without HTTPS Inspection the rest of the URL should be irrelevant.
With HTTP, it might be worth a TAC case to clarify.

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