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Traffic Engineering

Attached is a brief look of my present architecture. The camera traffic highlighted in blue terminates to the video server for display on the a.a.a.a ip address. On the other hand i have users (using the labeled netscaler as an example) on Vlan B also trying to get access to a.a.a.a.

I have BGB established with all switches and from information i have gathered from the network they have bgp/ospf redistribution set up between the multicast switch and blef switch VS5. 

The issue i have right now is,  VS4 firewall is sending all traffic going to vlan A to use the multicast switch as it next hop which should not be the case. This is causing a loop on my network.

The attached image shows the right part i want the traffic to go.

I have VSX running,i have tried to setup pbr but it is disabled.

Would appreciate any insights.

Thank You


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