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SNMP queries for throughut and packet rate return incorrect values in latest JHF

Hello everyone,

Did anyone else notice incorrect values for SNMP traffic statistics in the latest Jumbo Hotfix for R80.30 and R80.40?

Issue seems to be in the following OIDs: - fwAcceptedBytesTotalRate - fwPacketsRate - fwDroppedTotalRate

My R80.30 gateways with Take 155 or lower show correct results, but in Take 195 they are showing absurd values, like 250Gbps in a 3200 appliance.

I know the returned values are absolute, so I calculate based on variation to get the rate: (V2 - V1)/T. Then I multiply by 8 to convert to bits. Works fine on all other versions, but not on latest takes.

Even getting the delta, values in R80.40 increase linearly and constantly, which means the raw value increases exponentially. Here is a chart of the raw returned values (no calculations). This should be a straight line, not a curve.


I already have a case open with TAC, but they are never really worried about SNMP, so it might take weeks. In the mean time I'm unable to monitor and guarantee the health of my gateways.

Does anyone know if this is a bug or an expected change?

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