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R80.40 and vsx_provisioning_tool fails to commit

Today I wanted to use the vsx_provisioning_tool to create a new VS on a R80.40 management, while running the tool from the Domain environment and got an error that it could not commit the new information to the gateway.

My VSX gateway is a Security Group on a Maestro setup, however there is another Security Group on the same Maestro setup that is hooked to a R80.30 MDS management and there the provisioning tool works just fine.

Transcript of the command issued:

[Expert@MDS-25:0]# vsx_provisioning_tool -s localhost -u admin -p <Password> -f collect-vs
Version harry_main, build 994000068
Executing line number 1 - 'transaction begin'
Executing line number 2 - 'add vd name DC1P001 vsx CPFG-01 main_ip'
Executing line number 3 - 'add interface vd DC1P001 name bond0.1100 ip'
Executing line number 4 - 'add route vd DC1P001 destination default next_hop'
Executing line number 5 - 'transaction end'
Creating DC1CXPP001...
Generating VSX Configuration for DC1P001 on CPFG-01.
Pushing VSX Configuration to CPFG-01.
CPFG-01: processed 5% of configuration...
Failed to configure CPFG-01 with the following errors:
CPFG-01... error :Internal Error - Failed to commit changes in the OS.. libdb_do_transaction: connection closed during operation
Error: Failed to commit changes to VSX database.
Failed to execute line number 5
Failed to commit transaction which began at line number 1

Regards, Maarten
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