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R80.20 Installation Error "doAutoPartition" Exception Occured on 4800 appliance


I have issue very similar to the one described in older post ( - i.e. I am getting exactly the same error message.

Differences are that this is a CP 4800 appliance and version I am going to install is R80.20.

I made USB few times using different versions of ISOmorphis as well as used USB-attached DVD - all the same.

Ran a HW Diagnostics Tool – all tests OK …

I was using ISO image “R80.20 Gaia Fresh Install for Security Gateway and Standalone T101” – the same image was used for installation of over 10 other gateways on 4000 appliances.

SHA1 checksum for the image is OK.


Any ideas? 

I have none at this moment ... 😕

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Best to get the TAC involved with this.
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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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