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Problem with one of the VS in cluster : Trust State: Initialized but Trust was not established

Hey everyone, I have some problem with VS2 in cluster.

I have two gateways and each has two VS contexts. 

The output of the cphaprob stat command looks like this:

This is at the first GW:                   This is at the second GW                  

1 | 10 | Active | Standby                 1 | 10 | Active | Standby

2 | 10 | Active! | Down!

On the second GW in VS2 cphaprob stat looks like : HA module not started.

cp_conf sic state: Trust State: Initialized but Trust was not established

I know how to fix this problem if it occurs on the entire gateway, but how to fix it only for one context?
In a smartconsole, you cannot set trusts separately for a single context or I don’t know something.

Please, help

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I tried it, but it did not help, the SIC status is also No Trust, and now the new certificate for the context does not appear in the management server. What could I have done wrong?

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