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Priority Queueing Trigger Time?

The Priority Queueing feature deprioritizes the packets of an identified elephant/heavy flow when the CPU utilization of a individual Firewall Worker Instance reaches 100%.  My question is for how long must the CPU utilization of that Firewall Worker Instance be at 100% before Priority Queueing kicks in?  This doesn't appear to be documented; all the official documentation and SKs just say that Priority Queueing becomes active when the core reaches 100%.

Poking around in the Firewall Worker Instance kernel variables, there is an undocumented variable that may be related:

fwmultik_prio_grace_thld = 300

I'm assuming the 300 indicates 300 milliseconds, so is the answer 0.3 seconds?  That seems like a reasonable value.

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Wow, I can’t even find that kernel variable in internal SKs/SRs.
Maybe @Chen_Muchtar knows.

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