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No interfaces shown on an R81 CP6200 after HFA44 uninstall

Hello ,


I am facing  very strange issue on a standalone R81 CP6200.

I've installed Take44 in order to check whether a problem regarding DNS and SecureDNS gets solved. I then uninstalled the hotfix and after that the system boots , recognizes no interfaces at all and InitialPolicy gets installed.

Below I cite an excerpt from the boot process. Note the no igb drivers when it boots as well as the "ls: cannot access /sys/class/net/*/device: No such file or directory"


After logging in expert mode and doing an ifconfig, then no interface is shown apart from docker0 and loopback

Has anyone seen it before ?


Version 2.20.1271. Copyright (C) 2020 American Megatrends, Inc.
CheckPoint Software Technologies LTD, BIOS Rev: QS-20-00-1.4
Boot from Primary BIOS
Press <DEL> or <TAB> to enter setup.
Press <B> to enter BBS POPUP. Press <L> to boot from LAN.
Press U to allow BIOS updates

Starting the system

i8042: No controller found
Reading all physical volumes. This may take a while...
Found volume group "vg_splat" using metadata type lvm2
5 logical volume(s) in volume group "vg_splat" now active
Phase 1 - find and verify superblock...
Phase 2 - using internal log
- zero log...
- scan filesystem freespace and inode maps...
- found root inode chunk
Phase 3 - for each AG...
- scan and clear agi unlinked lists...
- process known inodes and perform inode discovery...
- agno = 0
- agno = 1
- agno = 2
- agno = 3
- process newly discovered inodes...
Phase 4 - check for duplicate blocks...
- setting up duplicate extent list...
- check for inodes claiming duplicate blocks...
- agno = 0
- agno = 2
- agno = 1
- agno = 3
Phase 5 - rebuild AG headers and trees...
- reset superblock...
Phase 6 - check inode connectivity...
- resetting contents of realtime bitmap and summary inodes
- traversing filesystem ...
- traversal finished ...
- moving disconnected inodes to lost+found ...
Phase 7 - verify and correct link counts...

Image:ice_main;392 Version:3.10.0-957.21.3cpx86_64

Setting clock (utc): Tue Feb 22 20:24:17 EET 2022 [ OK ]
Starting udev: [ OK ]
Setting hostname Intek-FW: [ OK ]
Setting domain name [ OK ]
Setting up Logical Volume Management: 5 logical volume(s) in volume group "vg_splat" now active
[ OK ]
Checking filesystems
Checking all file systems.
[/sbin/fsck.xfs (1) -- /] fsck.xfs -a /dev/mapper/vg_splat-lv_current
/sbin/fsck.xfs: XFS file system.
[/sbin/fsck.ext3 (1) -- /boot] fsck.ext3 -a /dev/sda1
INIT: Entering runlevel: 3
Applying Intel CPU microcode update: [ OK ]
Starting LVM metadata daemon: [ OK ]
Starting LVM poll daemon: [ OK ]
Starting LVM poll daemon: [ OK ]
Starting monitoring for VG vg_splat: File descriptor 4 (/ptmx) leaked on vgchange invocation. Parent PID 3230: /bin/bash
File descriptor 7 (/sys/kernel/hotplug) leaked on vgchange invocation. Parent PID 3230: /bin/bash
5 logical volume(s) in volume group "vg_splat" monitored
[ OK ]
Running UP accel driver check.
IP series driver not present
Starting background readahead: [ OK ]
Checking for hardware changes [ OK ]
Configuring ipv6 kernel support: ipv6_xlate[5837]: ipv6_xlate: FW ipv6 state OFF
[ OK ]
Starting kdump:[ OK ]
Adding default namespace [ OK ]
/etc/rc3.d/S08start_bfm: line 10: /usr/lib/smo/ No such file or directory
Inserting ipsctl_kern_64_3_10_64: [ OK ]

FW1: Kernel mode enabled
no ixgbe interfaces on the machine
no igb interfaces on the machine
no mlx5_core interfaces on the machine
no i40e interfaces on the machine

CKP: Loading SecureXL: [ OK ]
CKP: Loading FW-1 IPv4 Instance 0: [ OK ]
CKP: Loading FW-1 IPv4 Instance 1: [ OK ]
CKP: Loading FW-1 IPv4 Instance 2: [ OK ]
Starting start_bfd: [ OK ]
Starting start_wrp: Loading wrp module
[ OK ]
Starting auditd: [ OK ]
Starting system logger: [ OK ]
Starting kernel logger: [ OK ]
Inserting adp_kern_64_3_10_64: [ OK ]
No accel HW present
ADP device major number: 237
Update Interfaces in Database: ls: cannot access /sys/class/net/*/device: No such file or directory
48 bindings were imported
[ OK ]
Generating vrfs: [ OK ]
Configuring NetAccess: [ OK ]
Generating NTP configuration: [ OK ]
Generating Time Zone configuration: [ OK ]
Generating domain name configuration: [ OK ]
Generating keyboard mapping configuration: [ OK ]
Generating hostname configuration: [ OK ]
Configuring Interfaces: [ OK ]
Generating /etc/monitor_mode: [ OK ]
Generating /etc/fonic_pairs: [ OK ]
Configuring NDP: [ OK ]
Generating hosts.conf: [ OK ]
Generating resolv.conf: [ OK ]
Generating dhclient.conf: [ OK ]
Generating pwcontrol.conf [ OK ]
Generating passwd + shadow [ OK ]
Generating group + gshadow [ OK ]
Generating routed.conf [ OK ]
Generating routed0.conf [ OK ]
Generating extended commands: [ OK ]
Generating MOTD: [ OK ]
Generating banner message: [ OK ]
Generating hostname caption file: [ OK ]
Generating /etc/raddb/server: [ OK ]
Generating TACACS+ configuration: [ OK ]
Generating /etc/msmtp.conf: [ OK ]
Generating /etc/pam.d/system-auth: [ OK ]
Generating /etc/sysconfig/external.if: [ OK ]
Generating /etc/lldpd.conf: [ OK ]
Generating DHCP server configuration: Write DSTATE called
ServerConfigured = 1
DdnsConfigured = 0
[ OK ]
Generating /etc/adjust_radius: [ OK ]
Running /bin/arp_xlate: [ OK ]
Generating SNMP configuration: [ OK ]
Generating SNMP Monitor configuration: [ OK ]
Generating Job Scheduler configuration: [ OK ]
Updating general configuraion file: [ OK ]
Updating syslogd configuration: Shutting down kernel logger: [ OK ]
Shutting down system logger: [ OK ]
Starting system logger: [ OK ]
Starting kernel logger: [ OK ]
[ OK ]
Updating httpd2 configuration: [ OK ]
Updating httpd-ssl configuration: [ OK ]
Applying NetFlow configuration [ OK ]
Applying pbrroute configuration [ OK ]
Configuring PPPoE: [ OK ]
Configuring hostaccess: [ OK ]
Updating SSH host access: sshd_config parsing starting...[ OK ]
Configuring Management data plane: [ OK ]
Generating /etc/ipv6_params: [ OK ]
CPshell initialization: [ OK ]
Initializing CP Process Manager..
Starting cp_pm_rl2: [ OK ]
Starting cp_pm_rl3: [ OK ]
Starting cp_pm_rl4: [ OK ]
Starting acpi daemon: [ OK ]
Starting sshd:[ OK ]
Starting arp:
Starting xinetd: [ OK ]
Starting bp_init: [ OK ]
Starting bypass_off: [ OK ]
Starting crond: [ OK ]
Starting docker_manager: Successfully mounted cgroup filesystem.
Docker daemon successfully started.
[ OK ]
Starting cpri_d: cpridstart: Starting cprid
[1] 8448
[ OK ]
Starting cpboot:
SVN Foundation: Starting cpWatchDog
Starting cpviewd
starting the cpview_services daemon
Process CPVIEWS started successfully (pid=8651)
starting sxl_statd
Process SXL_STATD started successfully (pid=8654)
Starting Critical Alerts Sensor...
SVN Foundation: Starting cpd
Multiportal daemon: starting mpdaemon
SVN Foundation started
MAAS is not installed
FW-1: loading tp_conf_service
FireWall-1: Starting fwd
FireWall-1: Starting cpm. Please wait...
[1] 8847
FireWall-1: Finished starting cpm successfully
FireWall-1: Starting fwm (Security Management Server)
FireWall-1: Starting CPU Spike Detective

SecureXL disabled, cannot use affinity commands
sim_register_adp_service: SecureXL device 0 assigned client ID 0
SecureXL device is enabled. sxl_dev_id=0
fw_register_adp_service: FW assigned client ID 1
fw_register_adp_service: FW registered successfully with ADP driver. vsid 0
SecureXL device is enabled. sxl_dev_id=0
fw_register_adp_service: already registered
FireWall-1: Fetching policy

Installing Security Policy InitialPolicy on all.all@Intek-FW
Fetching Security Policy from localhost succeeded
Installing Threat Prevention policy from local
malware_tp_conf_reload: Reload(/opt/CPsuite-R81/fw1/state/local/AMW) failed ()
malware_load: malware_tp_conf_reload( dir=/opt/CPsuite-R81/fw1/state/local/AMW ) failed
Fetching Threat Prevention policy failed

HA not installed

Failed to enable SecureXL device - no license.
sim affinityload_no_mq_reconf
FireWall-1: enabling bridge forwarding
FireWall-1 started
FireWall-1: start External IOC
FireWall-1: start IOC blacklist
Dynamic Balancing is not supported on security gateways with GNAT disabled
FloodGate-1 is disabled. If you wish to start the service, please run 'etmstart enable'.
SmartView Monitor: Not active
Start Search Infrastructure...
index mode was set to true
Process SOLR started successfully (pid=15109)
Starting RFL ...
Process RFL started successfully (pid=15136)
Starting SmartView ...
Starting SmartView...
Process SMARTVIEW started successfully (pid=15180)
Start Log Indexer...
Process INDEXER started successfully (pid=15210)
Start SmartLog Server...
Process SMARTLOG_SERVER started successfully (pid=15288)

evstart: Starting product - SmartEvent Server
evstart: Starting product - SmartEvent Correlation Unit
Check Point SmartEvent Server started
Check Point SmartEvent Correlation Unit started
UEPM: Endpoint Security Management isn't activated and will not be started
Mobile Access: cvpnd is already running - not registering
Mobile Access: Gateway is not a cluster member
Mobile Access: Starting MoveFileDemuxer service (if needed)
MoveFileDemuxer is already running
Mobile Access: dbwriter is already running
Mobile Access: cvpnproc is already running
Mobile Access: MoveFileServer is already running
Mobile Access: UserMonitor is already running
Mobile Access: Pinger is already running
Mobile Access: IdlePinger is already running
Mobile Access: CvpnAnalytics is already running
Mobile Access: cvpnd is already running
Mobile Access: Clearing portal rendering cache in all sessions.
Mobile Access: GuacDispatcher is already running
Mobile Access: Successfully started Mobile Access services.
Process DASERVICE started successfully (pid=15646)
Process AUTOUPDATER started successfully (pid=15654)
cpstart: Power-Up self tests passed successfully

cpstart: Starting product - SVN Foundation

cpstart: Starting product - VPN-1

cpstart: Starting product - FloodGate-1

cpstart: Starting product - SmartView Monitor

cpstart: Starting product - Eventia Suite

cpstart: Starting product - UEPM

cpstart: Starting product - Mobile Access

cpstart: Starting product - Repository Managment

cpstart: Starting product - Deployment Agent

cpstart: Starting product - Auto Updater

cpstart: Starting product - VSX


Warning: You are required to deploy a Software Blade license instead of your NGX license.
For more details go to
or contact Account Services.
[ OK ]
Starting cpboot_refetch: [ OK ]
Running hcp_ext: kernel.printk = 0 1 0 1
Setting vm.min_free_kbytes=67584->135168
Shutting down kernel logger: [ OK ]
Shutting down system logger: [ OK ]
Starting system logger: [ OK ]
Starting kernel logger: [ OK ]
Waiting for Clish to be ready...
Clish is ready
Starting start_cppcap: [ OK ]
Starting start_mdps: [ OK ]
Inserting vrrp_lkm_kern_64: [ OK ]

This system is for authorized use only.
login: admin
Last login: Tue Feb 22 20:20:26 on ttyS0
Intek-FW> show interfafes
CLINFR0329 Invalid command:'show interfafes'.
Intek-FW> show interfaces
Intek-FW> show interface eth1
NMSETH0049 Invalid Interface name
show interface eth1
Intek-FW> expert
Enter expert password:

Warning! All configurations should be done through clish
You are in expert mode now.

[Expert@Intek-FW:0]# ifconfig
docker0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 02:42:E9:F7:C3:25
inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
collisions:0 txqueuelen:0
RX bytes:0 (0.0 b) TX bytes:0 (0.0 b)

lo Link encap:Local Loopback Media:unknown(auto)
inet addr: Mask:
RX packets:7230 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
TX packets:7230 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000
RX bytes:16410324 (15.6 MiB) TX bytes:16410324 (15.6 MiB)

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I actually had to do same thing the other day in the lab, but never experienced the same problem. Did you try rebooting it again to see if anything changes at all?

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Hi Nikolaos_Liakop,

Please check the following WA:

  1. Reinstall required take
    • If missing – return to JHF44 and import the take as drivers will reappear
  2. Revert to snapshot
  3. Clean install


We are introducing a fix to the JHF, we'll update once we know the JHF number and release date

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