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Need to allow multicast traffic

Hi Team,

We want to shift multicast traffic on Check Point.

Hardware is 21400 with SAM(24 GB)card installed.

24 GB RAM installed.

FW,Identity Awareness and Monitoring blades are enabled on Firewall.

Average CPU utilization is around 11% and memory usage is 8%.

If we allow multicast traffic on Check Point,what may be the impact in terms of performance.

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According to information you gave us you are not using too much blades. What is your current GAIA version? If you are using R80x version, dynamic dispatcher comes as open by design. If you are using R77.30 you will check current state of dynamic dispatcher usage via this command "fw ctl multik get_mode"
Also top and cpview commands helps you to observe resource consumption. It is so important to observe load average usage with these commands. Check the current CPU utilization by each CoreXL FW instance with the top command.

BTW there are some limitations you may need to check in sk105261
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We are on R77.30 and Dynamic Dispatcher is off.

Also there is a SAM card installed which is a limitation to use dynamic dispatcher.

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I think the packet processing performance should not be very significant here unless it's a lot of multicast traffic.

The routing process should increase in PIM-SM mode if necessary.

More see here:
How to configure PIM on Gaia OS


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