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SMB User Limit


     Is there a limit in the number of internal users behind an SMB appliance? (700 and 1400 series).

     There are some opportunities where the throughput is very low. A recent case is a client with only one 30Mbps internet link, wishing to activate only FW, VPN (20 users) and URFL, but it has 500 internal users.

      According to the datasheet even a 730 is able to hold that volume of traffic (100Mbsp NGTP Real World). And considering 50 connections per user it means only 25K concurrent connections (the 730 supports 500K).

       Is there any limitation to the number of internal users I can not see?


Marcos Vieira


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The datasheets suggest a number of users for sizing purposes.
However, I don't believe we actually restrict it.
In the 30mb Internet case, that's clearly going to be the limiting factor.
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