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Multiwam on 3600 Apliance

Hi all, trust you are fine.

I've a situation were the Customer will use a 3600 Quantum Appliance.

The company  have 5 incoming Internet access and will like to have like a Link to  the DMZ and 2 for the LAN.

Means on the total number of port it will remain just 2.

My question is: Is it possible to connect all the 5 internet links like on a switch configured with vlans, then use these vlans on the Check Point for the multiwan?


Thank you.

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The "multiwan" feature is something that's specific to the SMB because the LAN ports are basically connected to an internal switch.
On other appliances, all ports are independent and can be used for any purpose you wish (with labels being a suggestion, not a requirement). 
And yes, this includes having multiple WAN links using a VLAN out one port.


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