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MTA on R80.40 with A/A Setup

Hi Team,


I am planning to move to R80.40 and have below queries.

I have 2 appliances with R80.30;  acting as a MTA only and having AB/AV/FW blades are running. Those are being managed by separate management server which is again on R80.30. My MX is pointed to other on-prem Ironport appliance which is accepting mail and then forwards the mail to these MTA domain wise. We are catering to around 7-8 domains

I am planning to upgrade to R80.40 and I don't see any issue with mgmt server; however

  1. Will I get any advantage making MTA cluster A/A? 
  2. Any ways queue is not going to be synced; of course it wont since its postfix. Then per me failover makes no sense here.
  3. Then MTA will listen on Physical interface instead on Virtual interface.
  4. Will it accept the mail on Virtual interface mail and both will process the queue? Or if not which one will process the queue? Will it be process in Round-Robin fashion?
  5. If not and if  postfix is listening on physical interface; I will have to relay mails on my ironport to Physical IP address of the appliances or cluster IP of appliances?
  6. Plus, Anti-Phishing and on-click-url protection are still in EA in R80.40?

Can someone please shed light on my queries?



Blason R

4 Replies

Why not consult TAC for this change ?


Hmm..really don't feel to reach to TAC which I believe can be sorted out with community help. I mean its not break-fix.


Nah - Threat extraction can not be enabled on A/A setup.