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Let's talk about Java (Lights Out Management)

Yesterday I watched the Check Point Briefing about the new Quantum series of gateways.

When presented an opportunity to ask questions, I asked about whether or not Java is still going to be a requirement for Console Redirection in LOM.  Unfortunately, they spent more time discussing security issues with Zoom rather than answering pertinent questions and didn't make it to my question.

Pulling the LOM Admin guide that covers the new quantum appliances, it seems Java is still a requirement.

Guys, why is this still a thing?  There's like, 1 browser that barely supports Java plug ins and its days are numbered.  I can only convince my workstation to run Java plugins on days that don't end in "y" and there's a full moon on that day.

It's becoming an increasingly futile exercise to access the console over LOM using Java.  Any chance this can go away for a more modern technology like HTML5?  Or something?

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