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Installation error message with new custom Identity Agent version

Hello all,

we plan to enroll a new Identity Agent version (R80.181) to our systems. The old one was a custom build Identity Agent and we used the same settings for the new package: Installation Type = Per-computer, Installation UI = Basic, Agent Type = Custom, Custom Features = MAD Service, Copy configuration from this computer = checked.

When installing the new package (as an (local) administrator) we get the following error: “Sorry, but this feature was disabled by the administrator.”

IA Agent error.PNG

The same error appears when building another custom Identity Agent and disabling the MAD Service or using the Full Agent as Agent Type.

When just clicking the OK-Button, the agent is installed successfully and connected, but we want to get rid of this error message which causes users to be irritated.

Does anyone have a clue which configuration option leads to this error?




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