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Incorrect NAT IP on Interface when failover

Hi all,

We have this weird situation. Our firewall has a BGP peering with a peer from which certain routes are being learned. The BGP PEER is as per diagram below. One of the routes learned from this peer is


2021-09-30 08_11_58-Window.png


BGP works fine and as per below screenshot, it can be seen that route towards should pass through eth2.777.

2021-09-30 08_12_49-Window.png

So far so good. Traffic passes fine. Source is able to talk to through eth2.777. The source is NATted behind the gateway ip address which is

2021-09-30 08_13_23-Window.png

The issue arises when BGP peer is down. Obviously the learned routes will not be available so since is a public IP address, traffic goes then through eth5 which is through the default route.

2021-09-30 08_13_57-Window.png

The only thing is that through fw monitor, we can see that traffic although is going out through the correct interface (eth5), it is still being NATted behind the IP address of interface eth2.777.

2021-09-30 08_15_52-Window.png


In this case originally I was pinging and upon route failover, it stopped working since NATting is not being changed accordingly. However if I try to ping another IP address which was not in use before for example, NATting is performed correctly and hidden behind the public ip of eth5. This is causing severe outages on our environment because we expect that traffic is NATted correctly when route failover occurs. It seems that NAT problem occurs only on machines which already have a connection established. So somewhere in the NAT table the values are not being updated.

Effectively this is a lab environment I have created since originally this is a production critical system.

I have also tried to disable secureXL however to no avail. Our production firewalls are with R80.30 Jumbo Hotfix 217, however in the lab I managed even to replicate it on R81 with latest jumbo hotfix, so it seems something common on Checkpoint.

Has anyone encountered such behaviour and how did you overcome it? Basically traffic going out of the correct interface but NATting with the wrong IP address.

For traffic that is ICMP its solved with this command - fw_allow_simultaneous_ping 1 , however we have multiple tunnels which are being established behind our firewall using UDP/443, which when primary route (BGP) is down, they need to still be reachable via the default route.

Thanks in advance

Senior Information Security Engineer
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