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IDA terminal agent: change from UPN to sAMAccountName

Hi Folks,

I have running a MDM with R81.10 + JHF9 and a VSX Cluster with R80.40 + JHF-121.
On one of the virtuall systems is IDA enabled and the checkbox for using ida agents for terminal is checked.
The muh1 agent on one of my terminal server is used, as it is an older windows server.

In the "user" section of the ida agent, I can see that lots of the active terminal users are "Not authenticated".

For me it looks like the ida agent is using the UPN.

All my users are in the same domain, but they have "historically grown" (my favorite term, when dealing with network trouble) different UPN.


SK110858 discribes how to change form sAMAccountName to UPN.
I need the oposite way, changeing from UPN to sAMAccountName.

Does anyone has an idea?

Best regards,

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