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ClusterXL, 2 ISP, 2 x /29 public IP ranges, multi-VPN

Setup runs as ClusterXL, 2 ISPs (using /30 provided from each ISP for cluster external VIPs). Each ISP forwards /29 public IP range traffic through the corresponding useable address from the /30.

Existing VPN setup - a number of existing S2S VPNs and RA uses those /30 public IP's is working as expected.

Is it possible to setup another set of S2S VPNs with IP's from the available /29 public IP's instead the ones already in use with the same Cluster (i.e. without having to deploy another appliance as separate VPN server)?

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Each gateway can only be configured to terminate VPNs on a specific IP as far as I know.
If you need to support other termination points, VSX might be an option.
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