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VPN same subnets


This is my first post. I am quite new to Checkpoint.

I need to connect a CISCO 800 series appliance to an Checkpoint appliance R77.30.

This CP has already some IPSec VPN with other partners. For my connection from the CISCO appliance, I need to declare several local subnets, and one of them ( is already declared in an other VPN IPSec. I got a warning during Policy Installation, and this subnet is not linked/attached to the group involved in my CP VPN.

All VPN declarations in this CP have been done by a previous administrator and are quite basic, so no advanced options has been done.

So, is there a solution to have this subnet attached to my VPN ?

And second problem, but of minor importance : this CISCO appliance has 2 WAN links, with 2 ISP, for failover. Is there a way to declare, on CP side, these 2 peers on same VPN ? Or create 2 VPN, one for each situation, but in this case, I anticipate I'll get the same problem as the first one : subnet declared twice.

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Am I understanding correctly you are using the same subnet in two or more site to site VPNS?
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