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CPINFO - will it stop services?

When I run CPINO, I see the following:


CPinfo Creation...

Collecting information...: 100%
Starting migrate export verification stage...
Migrate export verification stage succeeded.
Starting migrate export.
This process can take a few minutes or hours (depending on size of export) and will stop the machine.
Please wait until done. For additional options please view CPInfo's usage.
Migrate export succeeded.
Compressing output file...
Compressing output file - done

I'm concerned with "and will stop the machine".

Does CPINFO stop services when it runs? I didn't get any indication that it did. I want to be sure before I run CPINFO on our production machines. Would hate for it to interrupt traffic, services, etc.


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You dont need to worry, because migrate export is never done on gateway, only management, so it would stop mgmt access for probably few mins. If you wish to be on safe side, you can simply run something like cpinfo -o /var/log/cpinfo.out

Just to clarify, as some people get confused about this...if you do say cpstop on gateway, it will unload the policy. If you do SIC reset , it will load initial policy, which would literally block everything, except ssh and web UI, but only on port 443, thats it.

Hope that makes sense.


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