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cloud_update_gw_stats.xml takes on tmp folder up to 100% Diskspace on a 1550 SMB cluster

any ideas to reduce this file size of  cloud_update_gw_stats.xml without extending partition ? 
sometimes traps are send and partition gets full
yes I can extend partion by 
set temp-dir-size tmp-dir-size 80
and a following reboot, check with 
show temp-dir-size
in clish,
 -- I got this from a colleague, who had a remote session with CP, thanks for this 🙂

The SMB still works with R80.20.35 - Build 467 - give R80.20.50 a try ? 

Do someone know, if changes were done regarding tmp sizing and xml size growing  in .50 ?

Best regards and many thanks for any ideas 🙂 




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Hi - I'm aware of one case of elg files in a similar location growing / consuming space that was resolved in part by upgrading to R80.20.40 

An issue specific to XML file growth doesn't seem to be known so would investigate it further with TAC if it persists following an upgrade. 

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