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SMB Firmware R77.20.87

SMB Firmware R77.20.87 is now available for 700, 910 and 1400 appliances. New features are:

  • Gateway support for WatchTower Mobile App notification in Hebrew, German, Spanish, Japanese, French and Portuguese.
  • Gateway support for SMP Email Notifications
  • Stability and security fixes

In Advanced settings, new parameters were added (also, some have disappeared, like Mobile Settings GW / Admin Name in Pairing URL):

Operating system - Operating system int 20 tmpDirSize

Operating system - System temporary directory size int 40 Controls the size (in MB) of the temporary directory that is used by the system

More information with download links and a new Documentation list is available at:

sk151574: R77.20.87 for Small and Medium Business Appliances

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Security fixes ? Ehm, is R77.20.86 insecure and how ?

Anyone tried it already ?

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