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R80.20.25 Release

We are happy to announce the release of R80.20.25 for SMB 1500/1600/1800 Appliances
This release includes many new and important features

The release includes the following: 

  • New Quantum Spark branding
  • WiFi – enable /disable the WiFi in specific time/day
  • Enforce API/URL policy for VPN Remote Access and S2S traffic
  • VLAN configuration on Switch
  • Bond configuration on LAN1
  • Cluster configuration with Bond
  • Configuration of Bond without an IP address
  • Configuration of a WAN interface as a LAN interface (Reverse Flexi-port)
  • SMP access policy for 1500/1600/1800 appliances (legacy support)
  • Restore “This gateway” object for access policy
  • Support for SFP type of 100Mbs
  • Support for SFP DSL in 1570/1590 models
  • Configuration of a Custom Administrator Profile
  • clish commands for SSL trusted CA certificate
  • Gateway REST API for running a single Clish command
  • SSL inspection enhancements
    • Improved SSL inspection performance under load
    • New SNX client
    • SSL exception – using many exception rules might cause SSL instability
    • Light SSL enhancements

The following features are at EA level:

  • Setting MTU per interface, and per VLAN (EA)
  • Secure FTP - Backup settings over secure transfer protocol (EA)
  • MAC filtering support on switch for 1500 series (EA)
  • LTE enhancements (EA)
    • Force cellular on 4G network only
    • Auto carrier package selection based on SIM ID (Auto PRI)
    • Path MTU Discovery

For additional info and download links, please visit sk171824

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Any plans to support Dynamic Objects, HTTP2 and TLS1.3 ?

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This will probably happen with R81 version for SMBs. 

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When will we see R81 for SMB?

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Probably Q3/Q4. We all wait for it 🙂

R81 on big boxes receives more and more positive evaluations 🙂 


What are peoples experiences been with running R80.20.25 on 1590 appliances?

our customer has around 20x1550s and 5x1590 appliances, of which 2 of the 1590s are currently in production.

For the 1550s that are in production I have successfully upgraded these using via the web interface, or for a device yet to be deployed, I have booted the appliances while a USB is installed with the R80.20.25 image. All works corrrectly.

For the two 1590s in production, I have attempted several times to upgradevia the web interface and they keep reverting to the earlier version (R80.20.15), however show diag reveals the previous image as R80.20.25 eg..

Current system info
Current image name: R80_992001682_20_15
Current image version: 682
Previous image name: R80_992002077_20_25
Previous image version: 077
Default image name: R80_992001653_20_15
Default image version: 653

I have now had two new 1590s that I have used the USB install method to upgrade to R80.20.25 and in both cases, the upgreade appears to work correctly and I am able to apply the required config via clish but on reboot, the devices fail to boot and go into maintenance mode. Leaving the devices alone, after 5 reboots into maintenance mode, they will clear all config and come up as a unconfigured blank device. For the 1st device that this occured on, we are waiting for a RMA replacement, but now having had it occur on a second device, I am suspecting that there is someting wrong with the image on the 1590s


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Hi Greg

that sound very weird and unexpected. R&D would like to look into it.

can you send your backup file so we can try to reproduce it ?

also, can you send log under /logs/boot_log*

please send to





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